Lubrication is necessary in metal stamping

In the stamping process of general workpieces, the temperature will rise rapidly in the stamping process, especially in the process of cold forging and stamping. If the workpiece is pressed directly without lubrication, the service life of the die will be shortened and the precision will be reduced. Therefore, a lot of cost will be invested in the improvement of the die. Because of this reason, it is necessary to press lubrication in cold forging.


When tens or hundreds of stamping parts are produced per minute, the processes of feeding, stamping, discharging and scraping are completed in a short time, which often leads to personal, equipment and quality accidents. Therefore, the safety production in stamping is a very important problem. The safety measures for stamping are as follows:

① Realize mechanization and automation in and out of materials. ② Set up mechanical protection device to prevent hand injury. Application of mold shield, automatic material return device and manual tools in and out of the material. ③ Set up electrical protection and power-off devices. Photoelectric or air curtain protection switch, double or multi hand series start switch, anti misoperation device, etc. ④ The structure of the clutch and brake is improved. After the danger signal is sent, the crankshaft, connecting rod and punch of the press can stop at the original position immediately.