Introduction to the four major trends of metal spring

After many years of development of China’s spring hardware products industry, with China’s international status and industrial competition intensified, under the new situation, the spring hardware products industry in the constant search for development presents the following characteristics. Then from these characteristics can see China’s spring hardware products industry in the future for some time in the development trend. Tool spring hardware products demand year by year, spring hardware products product quality improvement, capital expansion intensified, inter-enterprise cooperation in the increase and other trend characteristics for the strength of large-scale spring hardware products enterprises, is not a bad thing, when such large enterprises conform to this trend of development, will only gradually become stronger and bigger. For small and medium-sized spring hardware products enterprises, there may be gaps in product quality, cooperation opportunities are relatively small, let alone capital operation. Therefore, in the spring hardware industry in the continuous development and progress, small business living environment will become more and more difficult.

1. Spring hardware productquality improvement.

At the same time, the international market requirements for China’s spring hardware products will gradually develop and change, the quality of Chinese products, packaging, supply period will have higher requirements, and even gradually extend to the production process and product research and development, products and environmental protection, energy resources, human environment combined. And the huge market and central position of gravity, will further attract spring hardware products multinational manufacturing center to China. Integration with foreign enterprises will continue to improve the quality of China’s spring hardware products and enterprise competitiveness. While continuing to expand the markets of traditional countries such as the United States and Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa and so on will also fully bloom.

2. Tool spring hardware products demand increased.

With China’s continuous improvement in the world status, more and more countries around the world began to use China’s spring hardware products, to a certain extent, stimulate the development of China’s spring hardware products. In recent years, with the acceleration of the process of global economic integration, China’s spring hardware products tool processing industry has gradually become the world’s spring hardware products tool industry. Some developed countries, especially developing countries such as Africa and the Middle East, are increasing at a rate of ten percent per year for spring hardware tools. Spring hardware products tools are labor-intensive industries, as the spring hardware products, Yongkang, but also by virtue of low-cost traditional competitive advantage, once became a spring hardware products tools gathering place.

3. Inter-enterprise cooperation is on the rise.

From the point of view of competitive behavior, the cooperation between enterprises in the sharing of resources is increasing, on the one hand, manufacturers strengthen the control of retail terminals, and strive to reduce the sales link, save sales costs, so that sales channels to the direction of specialization, enterprise sales model towards the development of a variety of markets at the same time. On the other hand, the trend of the sales industry has led to the rising status of large home appliance chains, increased control over the industry, participation and triggered price competition previously dominated by manufacturers. With its broad market coverage, procurement scale and cost advantage, large retailers will increasingly control the production enterprises in product pricing, payment delivery and so on. As the lower level of small and medium-sized enterprises in this trend will be in the competition in the disadvantage d’ position.

4. Capital expansion intensified.

After China’s accession to the WTO, in the global competitive environment, in order to improve competitiveness, industrial capital has become an important theme of industry operation. In 2004 Supor, Huadi has listed, Hongbao is also actively working for the listing, Wanhe’s capital market operation will not be due to the failure of restructuring with Guangdong Meiya and stop. From a capital point of view, the main feature of the current is the intensification of capital expansion.