Introduction to the development potential of special-shaped spring application market

Development potential of special-shaped spring application market:

With the continuous development of my country’s economy, various production fields in my country have also been continuously improved! As an extremely small component, the special-shaped spring is widely used and has great potential in the development of my country’s component market!

A. Special-shaped springs provide springs for the transportation market, including supporting and maintenance parts for automobiles, motorcycles, diesel engines and railways. This is the most important and most promising market for the special-shaped spring industry. The rapid development of the automotive industry is right The spring industry has had an obvious pulling effect and has become the largest customer in the spring industry. With the deepening of the railway system reform, the gradual opening of the market and the implementation of high-speed railway planning, the vehicle shock absorption system is facing upgrading, and the railway line needs to install new types of reduction Vibration and noise reduction components will bring huge business opportunities to the spring industry.

B. In recent years, the domestic market has a strong demand for daily hardware products, which has driven the growth of supporting special-shaped springs. The daily necessities industry and the hardware industry such as lighters, toys, locks, door hinges, fitness equipment, mattresses, sofas, etc. In terms of springs, the demand is the largest, tens of billions of pieces.

C, the demand for special-shaped springs in industrial and mining products. This market covers other industrial sectors except the transportation industry, from textile machinery cradle springs to chemical springs, power station switches, support springs, bulldozer springs, etc.

It is precisely because of the wide range of special-shaped springs that China is paying more and more attention to its development! With its years of production experience, Dongguan Spring Factory has continuously improved the special-shaped springs through production materials and technological innovation, striving to meet the growing number of special-shaped springs market!

With the development of industry, the application of special-shaped springs as basic parts has become more and more extensive, and the requirements for the spatial shape and forming accuracy of special-shaped springs are also continuously improved. To deal with this change, it is suitable for CNC machining of special-shaped springs with complex shapes. Coiling spring equipment is playing an increasingly important role in the production and manufacturing of special-shaped springs. However, due to various conditions, there is a big gap between China and industrially developed countries in the manufacture of special-shaped spring coiling equipment.

It is mainly occupied by imported products. Therefore, the development of advanced special-shaped spring spring coiling equipment with independent intellectual property rights is particularly urgent and necessary to comprehensively improve the level of China’s spring manufacturing industry. On the other hand, as a common product, people The research on its advanced manufacturing methods is often ignored, resulting in relatively weak research on the CNC coiling of special-shaped springs. In fact, due to the characteristics of the special-shaped spring winding and the particularity of the working mode of the winding equipment, the CNC spring equipment is in use The process has defects such as low degree of automation, strong dependence on experience, and inconvenient operation. Therefore, in-depth study of the spring manufacturing process has important theoretical significance and application value.

Special-shaped spring is a kind of spring. It shoulders a kind of tension and pressure. Like ordinary springs, it has its own characteristics and special uses than ordinary springs. One of the heterosexual springs is a miniature compression spring. The effect is very subtle, mainly a compression function, which plays a very important role in the machine. Corresponding to the compression spring is the extension spring. The spring is originally made of special metal materials and special craftsmanship. It is made of a device that can be contracted, so the function of the tension spring also has a great effect on mechanical equipment, mainly to resist external pressure, and use the unique stretching function of the spring to help the machine resist these pressures. Springs may not have been touched in daily life.

They are toy springs. This kind of springs are widely used in toys, such as toy pistols, toy cars and toy cats and dogs. Toys are currently sold very well in the market, especially Nowadays, parents attach great importance to children, and many parents attach great importance to the development of children’s intelligence, so they develop children’s intelligence on toys. Nowadays, there are many kinds of toys, and they are very popular with consumers, especially children. I like novel toys, and they do have great benefits for intellectual development. But as the author, I want to mention a very important thing about the application of special-shaped springs in toys, which is the safety of springs, because springs are very effective. It is subtle, but its safety factor is not very high.It will cause a certain degree of damage to children during the rebound, especially if the spring hurts the eyes, it will cause a lifetime of regret.