Introduction to the application of elastic potential energy of hardware springs

Elastic potential energy is also called “elastic deformation energy” in engineering. Normally, compressed gas, bent bow, coiled spring, and stretched or compressed spring all have elastic potential energy. And spring is More common and typical examples.

The unit of potential energy is the same as the unit of work. When determining the magnitude of the spring’s potential energy, it is necessary to select a state of zero potential energy. Generally, the spring has not undergone any deformation, and when it is in a free state, its elastic potential energy is zero.

The work done by the elastic force is only related to the elongation of the spring in the initial state and the final state, and has nothing to do with the spring deformation process.

And it is based on the existence of elastic force, so the elastic potential energy is possessed by the object that undergoes elastic deformation, and the elastic force acts between the parts. If the interaction of two objects is deformed, then each object has elastic potential energy. The elastic potential energy is the sum of the two.