Introduction to precision hardware stainless steel screws

Precision hardware stainless steel screw screw problem:
1. What is a hexagon socket screw? What is the difference between a hexagon screw?

2.Is the hexagon socket screwdriver the T series screwdriver?

3. Is the hexagon socket screwdriver the so-called “mobile phone screwdriver”? If not, what is a mobile phone screwdriver?

Screw answer:

1. The outer side of the screw head of the hexagon socket screw is round, and the middle is a recessed hexagon. The hexagonal screw is the kind of hexagonal side of the more common screw heads.

2. The hexagon socket screwdriver looks like a ‘7’. It is cut in two sections with a hexagonal steel bar and bent at 90 degrees to form a hexagon socket screw wrench. It is sold in hardware tool stores.

3 Hexagon socket screwdrivers are not so-called “mobile phone screws, mobile phone screwdrivers can be bought at the booth selling repair tools in the electronics market.