Introduction of wave spring

Wave spring is short for wave spring. It is a thin annular elastic metal component composed of several wave peaks and troughs. The product is made of high-quality spring steel 65Mn
(60Si2MnA / 50CrVA / 0cr17ni7al / SUS304), after special heat treatment and according to specific conditions, the hardness is generally controlled between hrc44-55, the surface is blackened and has good elasticity.
Wave spring is widely used in motor, textile machinery, hydraulic equipment, automobile and other industries. It is mainly installed in the bearing chamber or hole suitable for the specification (nominal size). The installation space is very small. It has the special function of reducing noise and vibration.
The wave spring is divided into WS series and WSS series.
Ws series wave spring
Ws series is continuous winding wave crest interleaving wave spring. The characteristic of this series of spring is that it can provide ideal elastic force in small installation space, and save 50% space than general spiral spring
WSS series wave spring
WSS series is wave crest interleaved corrugated spring with flat ring. In addition to the advantages of WS wave spring, the spring has flat rings at both ends, which is equivalent to adding two washers. Therefore, the spring’s elastic force is more uniform in the process of use. It is especially suitable for two end faces with holes in the installation space. The wave crest of WS type is easy to fall into the hole and cannot be used