Introduction of disc spring

Butterfly spring is a special spring of metal mechanical accessories. Because it looks like a dish, it is called butterfly spring.
Disc spring is widely used in mechanical equipment industry, petroleum industry, automobile industry, aerospace industry and other fields because of its strong impact resistance, small deformation, large bearing capacity and small space size in the loading direction. The cylindrical coil spring is widely replaced.

The disc spring was first invented by J. Belleville in France more than 100 years ago. In the early 1930s, engineers (G.M.) Almen and laszio developed theory, developed production and quality standards DIN 2092 and din 2093. As the first industrial standard of disc spring, these standards have been accepted all over the world and spread all over Europe. At present, they have been widely adopted by many multinational companies. Japan has developed its own standards, but the United States has not yet developed its own industrial standards for Belleville springs. Many American manufacturers use DIN standard as the quality standard of Belleville spring. In 1980, China formulated the corresponding standard according to DIN, and revised it in 1992. The standard number is GB / t1972-1992, which specifies the size series, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and design calculation of disc spring.

In our country, the disc spring is made of high quality spring steel 60Si2MnA, 50CrVA or special materials, such as stainless steel, chromium nickel iron alloy, etc. The special materials such as stainless steel and chromium nickel iron alloy are suitable for high temperature and corrosive environment. Shanghai Nuclear Industry disc spring manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly added Al, Ti, Nb elements to Cr Ni Fe alloy, which further improved the strength, elasticity and plasticity of the disc spring.