Introduction of cryogenic treatment technology

The improvement effect of cryogenic treatment technology is to penetrate the inside of the treated part (the overall effect), which is not limited to the surface, so when the cutting tool is re-grinded and reused, the modification effect of the workpiece will not be invalid; it will not cause the shape and size of the workpiece. Change, and have the effect of enhancing the size stability and reducing the quenching stress; the process system is simple, the power consumption is low, and the shape and size of the workpiece are not limited, and the operation is simple; there is no environmental pollution, and it is a completely environmentally friendly technology
The application of cryogenic modification technology is gradually being recognized and developed by the business community. The experimental results and results obtained so far show that cryogenic modification technology can be applied in the following aspects: 1. High-speed steel cutting tools and cutting tools , The improvement of the life of measuring tools; 2. The improvement of the life of cemented carbide cutting tools and cutting tools; 3. The improvement of the life of carbide drills and drilling tools; 4. The improvement of the performance of diamond products, such as the thermal stability of synthetic diamonds Progress, the performance of artificial diamond mining drill bits, diamond Φ105mm saw blades, etc.; 5. The top hammer function of the diamond hot press is improved; 6. The size of the assembly parts of precision machinery is not disordered; 7. The function of carbon fiber yarn is improved; 8 , The service life of oil nozzles, springs, gears and bearings is improved; 9. The service life of hot work molds and cold work molds in the machinery manufacturing industry is improved. Cryogenic treatment technology is a new technology that has emerged in recent years to improve the performance of metal workpieces. The so-called cryogenic treatment is to use liquid nitrogen (-196℃) as the cooling medium to inherit the cooling process of the quenched metal material, reaching a temperature far below room temperature, and promoting the retained austenite present after conventional heat treatment Further transformation, thereby improving the performance of metal materials.

. Cryogenic treatment can significantly improve the wear resistance, toughness and size stability of metal workpieces, and double the service life of the workpieces.

The emergence of cryogenic treatment technology has aroused a high degree of attention from the scientific research community and the industry. It has been used in cutting tools, measuring tools, molds and precision parts abroad, such as oil pump nozzles, turbine shafts, rollers, valves, and gears. , Modification of springs and other workpieces.