International spring standardization technology

Although springs are widely used, in terms of varieties and specifications, they are basically non-standardized. They are designed for different host products and have poor interchangeability. Therefore, for a long time, the corresponding technology for spring standardization has not been established in the International Organization for Standardization. Committee, the standardization work of springs is limited. In recent years, due to the development of spring technology and the requirements of industrial technology development, the work of international unified standards around springs has been strengthened.

Before the establishment of the International Spring Standardization Technical Committee, the International Technical Standards Committee ISO/TC 10 formulated technical documents related to springs:

ISO 2162 production technical document-spring, including three parts:

ISO 2162.1 Part 1: Spring drawing

ISO 2162.2 Part 2: Data for cylindrical spiral compression springs

ISO 2162.3 Part 3: Glossary of spring terms

China has formulated GB/T4459.4 “Mechanical Drawing Method” with reference to the above-mentioned international standard ISO 2162.1. The application of rectangular cross-section compression springs for molds is becoming more and more extensive. Due to interchangeability requirements, the International Standards Organization has formulated ISO/DIS 10243 Installation dimensions and color signs of rectangular section compression springs. In reference to this standard, China has formulated JB/T 6653 “Flat Wire Cylindrical Helical Compression Springs”.

The Secretariat of the National Spring Technical Standardization Committee of China proposed to the International Spring Technical Standardization Committee (ISO/TC 227) in June 2007 an international standard proposal for the design, technical requirements and test methods of hot-coiled cylindrical springs and compression springs and automobile leaf springs. At the third (ISO/TC 227) conference attended by 12 member states held in Beijing on October 29, 2005, the international standard for the technical conditions of hot-rolled cylindrical spiral compression springs delivered by the secretariat of the China Spring Technical Standardization Committee was unanimously passed. Proposal. This marks a big step forward for China’s spring technology to the international level.