Instrument for testing springs

As we all know, spring testing machine is a kind of professional spring testing instrument, which can test various data of spring, so as to evaluate the performance of spring. We must be very clear about this, but for the importance of the spring testing machine, we must have some confusion and confusion, the following will explain the performance of the spring testing machine.

The computer system of the spring testing machine is controlled by the controller and the servo motor is controlled by the speed control system. After the deceleration system is decelerated, the moving beam is driven to rise and fall through the precision lead screw pair. It can complete the tensile, compression, bending, shear and other mechanical property tests of the sample. It has the advantages of no pollution, low noise, high efficiency, wide speed range and beam moving distance It has a very broad application prospect.


The full digital servo speed control system and servo motor with high precision and stable performance are used as the driving system. The star controller is the core of the control system. The screen display of test force, peak value of test force, beam displacement, test deformation and test curve can be realized. All test operations can be completed automatically by mouse on computer. Good humanized design makes the test operation more convenient.

Combined with the above technologies, the machine can realize the closed-loop control of the test force, deformation and displacement, and realize the control modes of constant stress, constant strain and constant displacement, and the various control modes can be switched smoothly. So we can see how important spring testing is.
In the future development of science and technology and social progress, the testing machine and various functions of the testing machine will play a role in it incisively and vividly!