Inspection and determination of spring load and stiffness

1. Introduction to spring load inspection and measurement

The test and measurement of the spring tension and compression testing machine can be determined by the load of the tension spring and the compression spring. The large spring can be measured when the captain of the material tension and compression tester performs the load inspection. Most of it adopts the principle of leverage and converts the load value into a displacement value to indicate the value On the disk, the primary specifications and functions of the tensile and compression testing machine are actually subject to regulations.

Spring tension and compression load testing machine, spring tension and compression testing machine specifications and performance parameters are as follows:





Maximum load/N

The maximum distance between two hooks in tensile test/mm

Maximum stroke of tensile and compression test/mm

Compression test two pressure plate diameter/mm

The maximum distance between two pressure plates in compression test/mm

shape size length × width × height, the unit is mm


2. Factors of precision of load test

The precision of the load test is not only related to the precision of the load measurement of the testing machine, but also related to the precision of the reading of the length (or the amount of deformation) of the compressed spring during loading. In the measurement of the small amount of deformation such as the injector spring, the precision For higher springs, a dry submeter can be attached to the testing machine to improve the precision of the deformation reading, thereby improving the precision of the load measurement.

3. Points to note about the precision of the load test

Whether it is a compression spring or a tension spring, when measuring the load, the load should be placed on the spring axis line, or perpendicular to the target of the spring axis line, so that the spring will not be twisted when it is deformed. It is a large amount of deformation, when a relatively large relative displacement occurs between the end face of the compression spring and the supporting platform of the testing machine, the method of light buckling can be adopted to relax the spring to reduce friction, and it can also be used on the pressure plate or support. The flat top is equipped with thrust bearings to eliminate the distortion of large deformation.

When measuring the load, attention should be paid to adjusting the “0” position of the testing machine, and the weight of the spring itself should be deducted. For slender springs that are not easy to erect, a mandrel can be added for testing. At this time, you should just stop or reduce The friction force between the spindle and the spring prevents it from affecting the accuracy of the load measurement.