How to prevent fire and explosion of power transformer

Power transformers are the main equipment for power transmission and distribution in power systems. During operation, if an overload or short circuit occurs inside the transformer, the insulating material or insulating oil will decompose due to high temperature or electric sparks, expand and even vaporize, causing the internal pressure of the transformer to increase sharply, which may cause the transformer shell to explode and a large amount of insulating oil spray After burning, the oil flow will further expand the fire hazard. Therefore, pay attention to fire and explosion during operation:
(1) Overload operation is not allowed: Long-term overload operation will cause the coil to heat up, make the insulation aging gradually, and cause a short circuit.

(2) Frequent inspection of insulating oil quality: oil quality should be tested regularly, and unqualified oil should be replaced in time, or other measures should be taken.

(3) Prevent the insulation aging damage of the transformer core, and the insulation aging caused by the long-term heating of the core.

(4) Prevent the insulation from being damaged due to careless maintenance. If scratch damage is found, handle it in time.

(5) Ensure that the wire is in good contact, and poor contact will cause local overheating.

(6) To prevent lightning strikes, the transformer will burn out due to insulation breakdown.

(7) Short-circuit protection: If the transformer coil or load is short-circuited, if the protection system fails or the protection setting is too large, the transformer may be burned. For this, a reliable short-circuit protection should be installed.

(8) Well-protected grounding.