How to maintain the metal stamping die

How to maintain the metal stamping die
In the metal stamping industry, precision metal stamping die is widely used. For example, mobile phones, medical care, cars, computers, etc., how should we usually maintain them.
1: The precision of the mold is very high. When you use it, you must pay attention to that there are no impurities in the mold, because the impurities will lead to the precision of the mold.
2: Always use copper or aluminum to remove the mold during mold installation and maintenance. Because copper or aluminum is not as hard as iron, it will not make the mold swell.
3: Spray antirust oil when the mold is used up so that the mold will not rust.
Good hardware stamping factory is used to control raw materials in this way
I believe that many hardware stamping plant purchasers will be troubled, how to control the purchase of raw materials? Today let’s take you to analyze: precision metal stamping high-quality raw materials
1. The hardware stamping plant needs stable and large-scale raw material manufacturers instead of replacing them frequently. Today’s purchasing point will purchase some from tomorrow’s. Because each metal stamping plant has its own product design habits, there will be some small differences. Precision hardware stretching products
2. The qualified material report shall be provided for each incoming material of the hardware stamping plant, which shall be filed and compared. The time of each master material will be slightly different, but it will not affect the use.
3. Metal stamping factory can not change the material without notice and keep it confidential