How to avoid damage to stamping parts during cleaning of metal shield stamping parts

How to avoid damage to stamping parts during cleaning of metal shield stamping parts
What are the cleaning methods for metal shield stamping parts? But there are mainly three types:
(1) General industrial cleaning
General industrial cleaning includes the cleaning of the surface of vehicles, ships, and aircrafts, which can only remove relatively coarse dirt;
(2) Precision industrial cleaning
Precision industrial cleaning includes cleaning in the processing and production of various products, cleaning of various materials and equipment surfaces, etc. It is characterized by being able to remove tiny dirt particles;
(3) Ultra-precision industrial cleaning
Ultra-precision cleaning includes ultra-precision cleaning of mechanical parts, electronic components, optical components, etc. in the process of precision industrial production, with the purpose of removing extremely small dirt particles.
In the production process of gold stamping parts manufacturers, how to avoid stamping parts damage, the following summarizes three points for your reference:
1. Reform the stamping equipment to improve production safety and reliability. At present, there are many unsafe factors in the control systems and electrical control systems of many old stamping equipment. If they continue to be used, they should be technically modified. Stamping equipment manufacturers should improve product design to ensure the safety and reliability of stamping equipment.
2 Install guards. Due to the small production batch, safety protection devices must be installed in stamping operations that can neither achieve automation nor use safety stamping tools to prevent injury accidents caused by operating errors. Various protective devices have their own different characteristics and scope of use, and improper use can still cause injury. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the role of various protective devices in order to achieve correct use and ensure safe operation.
3. Reform process, mold and operation method to realize manual work outside the mold. For mass production operations, we can start with reforming the process and molds to achieve mechanization and automation. For example, the use of automated, multi-station stamping machinery and equipment, the use of multi-tools and mechanized production equipment, continuous mold, composite mold and other combined process measures. All these can not only ensure the safety of stamping operations, but also greatly improve production efficiency.