How to achieve high-efficiency production of metal stamping parts

In order to ensure the processing quality of metal stamping parts, the foundation lies in stamping dies. Only efficient stamping dies can produce qualified hardware processing. As for the quality of stamping parts, 80% of the reasons are in stamping dies. Therefore, it is very important to plan out efficient stamping dies. The general requirements of efficient stamping dies are satisfied with the following points:
Metal stamping parts
1. It can ensure the safety of stamping production
Production safety has always been the top priority of industrial production companies, especially stamping companies. In recent years, the frequent occurrence of stamping incidents has caused many stamping plants to encounter difficulties in recruiting workers. A large part of these stamping incidents are caused by unreasonable mold planning. Therefore, an efficient stamping die first needs to ensure the safety of stamping production. As long as the production safety is satisfied, it is possible to proceed to the next step.
Second, it can improve the output power of products
When planning molds, many mold factories often only consider that they can produce qualified stamping parts, while ignoring the quickness of stamping workers in operation. As a result, the actual stamping production workers cannot complete the production efficiency. Nowadays, the competition among stamping enterprises is fierce. As long as the stamping power is improved, they can reduce the production cost to the greatest extent and improve the competitive advantage.
Three, can improve product quality
In the past ten years of stamping, I have encountered too many stamping counterparts and made new molds, which were good at the beginning, but after a certain period of use, qualified stamping parts could not be produced. In practical use, stamping dies have to accept considerable impact. How to plan and produce the mold reasonably, it is very simple to cause deformation, wear and other problems. This cannot ensure the quality of the products produced.
Metal stamping parts
Fourth, reduce the number of grinding
It takes a lot of time to re-grind each time. Due to the need of re-grinding, the mold is unloaded on the punching machine, and then the mold is disassembled. After re-grinding, it needs to be assembled and installed from the beginning. Grinding not only delays the production period but also wastes labor. All, efficient stamping dies must reduce the number of grinding, and can be quickly installed when grinding is required.
Five, improve the forming process
Efficient stamping dies should be combined with the detailed application status of stamping parts at the beginning of planning, and a reasonable forming process should be selected to minimize data waste and reduce product costs. Adjust the molding process of the product and the internal structure of the mold, and have certain resilient data requirements for stainless steel and spring steel to ensure that the product reaches a reasonable condition after rebound and the stability of the mold.