gas spring

The special nitrogen spring for die and mould (referred to as die nitrogen spring or nitrogen spring or nitrogen cylinder or nitrogen cylinder for short) is a new type of elastic component with high pressure nitrogen as working medium. It has small volume, large elasticity, long stroke, stable operation, precise manufacturing, long service life (one million times), gentle elastic curve, and no need of pre tightening, etc The performance of the elastic component can make up for its deficiency, and replace the conventional elastic component to complete the work difficult to be completed by the conventional elastic component, simplify the mold design and manufacturing, facilitate the mold installation and adjustment, extend the service life of the mold, and ensure the stability of product quality. It can be installed in the mold as an independent component, and can also be designed as a nitrogen spring system. As a part of the mold, it can easily realize the elastic pressure constant and delay action in the system. It is a new generation of most ideal elastic components with flexible performance.

Nitrogen spring has been widely used in foreign mold manufacturing industry. The use of nitrogen spring in the mold can reduce the mold volume, shorten the manufacturing time, reduce the number of mold test and improve the success rate, prolong the mold life, greatly improve the product quality and yield, and has high economic benefits.

Compared with foreign countries, the application of nitrogen spring in domestic mold manufacturing industry is still very backward. Because the manufacturing of nitrogen spring is the process of comprehensive application of various new technologies, the technical quality index is high, so it is difficult to manufacture. At present, there are few domestic professional production enterprises, so most of them can only rely on import. However, the high price of imported nitrogen spring has affected the widespread use of die and mold industry in China.