Fully automatic ultra-thin stamping electromagnetic steel plate welding robot was born.

1. Summary.
Murakata’s global partner, Japan Electric Group, has developed a new automotive motor to meet new demands and has jointly developed a fully automatic welding robot with a material width of 500mm.
The device is a fully automatic joint device (hereinafter referred to as a robot) that connects the terminals of the pass-through material to each other in a “punch” and “stamping line”.
When the robot receives the stamping line stop signal, it will advance from the standby position, the left and right sagging stamping line terminal stops near the detection end reference, when the material is received from the stamping line, the coil head is sent to the cut-off position by the circuit press, the cutting surface is corrected to a right angle with magnet Grapp, the first back line material is cut at the same time, the upper clamp keeps the forward end. When, the lower left fixture and the upper splint gap, the left and right material is sent in, the terminal between the pressurized fit, press the lower clamp up end button adjacent to the end based on the prescribed welding procedure (narrow welding nozzle installed tig welding gun) after high-quality welding welding to open the main body of each switch device back to the intended standby position and output joining completion signal, the job is completed.
The layout of the unit.
2. Style structure.
. The main control department — material detection, front and rear movement, control panel.
. The left and right roller — material conveyor, the material width is determined, and the docking structure is connected.
. The cutting — oil pressure device, super-steel knife, waste bin.
. The welding — narrow TIG welding gun, the front and rear position is determined, the collective structure.
. The object material (mm) — the electromagnetic plate of the motor.
. Dimensions (mm) — 0.15 x width 500.
. The unit — 1350 x height 1700 x depth 1600.
. The installation space — 1700 x depth 2700.
. Move back and forth (mm) —770.
. The weight (kg) — about 750.
3. Features.
1. Silicon plate thickness of 0.15mm, width of 500mm material, 30 consecutive times / 12M does not require human operation, high-quality welding.
2. A series of actions from (line terminal detection) to (terminal offset correction) (cut off) (welding) (open) can be completed in 60 seconds.
3. Productivity can be improved by reducing material losses and line stop times.
4. Safety, small space, mechanical and electrical one, good operation.