Flat SpringsSpring ClipsMetal Clips, Clamps are another springs that can be manufactured by Four-slide machine or CNC machine. With our Fourslide machine, it could save you tooling cost and material cost. So the bigger quantity the more material cost you will save.

Flat spring is different from normal coil spring, it is usually made of strip material and used as a bracket, holder, electronic connector or contact plate. Some flat spring clips are relatively simple and can be directly made by stamping machine, but some flat springs clip fasteners have many bends, or bends with large radian or complex bending, so they can not be produced by stamping machine, but can only be produced by fourslide machine.

We provide whole solution for flat springs, flat metal clips. not only technical assistance like material hardness select and anti embroidery grade at the design stage. but also surface treatment, secondary and assemblies.

Flat springs, also known as leaf springs or leaf springs, are flat, elastic elements that are usually made of metal. They are widely used in a variety of mechanical and electronic devices to provide elasticity or shock absorption. Due to their high stiffness and small size, flat springs are often used in applications that require high precision and stability.

Flat spring has the following properties:

Good elasticity: Flat spring has good elasticity after precision stamping and processing, and can adapt to different pressures and deformations to ensure the stability and reliability of the connection.

Excellent electrical conductivity: Flat spring is made of metal material, which has good electrical conductivity, which can ensure the smooth transmission of current and reduce electrical loss and heat generation.

High abrasion and corrosion resistance: Flat spring has been treated with surface treatment and anti-corrosion, which has a high degree of wear and corrosion resistance, and can adapt to various complex environmental and climatic conditions to ensure the stability and reliability of long-term use.

Low cost: Compared to other connectors or contactors, the cost of Flat spring is lower.

In general, flat spring has excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties, and anti-corrosion properties, etc., so it has a wide range of applications in many fields, such as switches, lamps, automobiles, battery connectors, circuit board connections, etc.

Flat spring materials are available in the following ways:

Copper (Cu): Copper has good electrical conductivity and ductility, which makes it easy to process and shape, so it is one of the commonly used materials for making shrapnel. Copper shrapnel often needs to be plated to improve its corrosion and wear resistance.
Iron (Fe): Iron is also a commonly used shrapnel material with high strength and wear resistance. However, iron has relatively poor electrical conductivity, so care is required when using it.
Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a material with high strength and corrosion resistance, which is widely used in the manufacture of shrapnel. Stainless steel shrapnel has good electrical conductivity and long service life.

It is important to note that different materials have different physical and chemical properties, so choosing the right material is crucial for the performance and service life of the shrapnel. When choosing a shrapnel material, it is necessary to consider the actual needs and usage scenarios, such as electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, cost and other factors.

Capabilities of Flat Springs, Spring Clips, Metal Clips: 
Up to 3mm diameter 

Materials of Flat Springs, Spring Clips, Metal Clips
Flat Springs, Spring Clips, Metal Clips are manufactured from a wide variety of materials including music wire, hard drawn, oil tempered, galvanized wire, stainless steels and phosphor bronze, as well as exotics such as pre plated materials (gold, silver, tin) inconel, chrome vanadium and many others. 

Equipment of Flat Springs, Spring Clips, Metal Clips
State of the art CNC wire forming capability as well as Fourslide machines.