Follow the trend, optimize and upgrade
After more than half a century of development and innovation, fine blanking technology has been irreplaceable in the production of precision parts. However, the market is changing rapidly. In the face of the new four modernizations (intelligent, electric, shared and networked), many fine blanking enterprises are or will face some difficulties.
“A very realistic problem is that automobile parts, as the largest demand market of fine blanking enterprises, have undergone great changes due to the development of electrification. The data show that the number of parts of pure electric vehicles will be reduced by one third compared with traditional power vehicles. Because of the change of power driving mode, most parts of the engine and transmission system will be removed before, and the fine blanking parts of these systems account for a large proportion. Because of the reduction of such parts, the fine blanking manufacturers who supply a large number of these parts will encounter great difficulties. ” Bao Xiangjun talks about the impact of automobile electrification on fine blanking enterprises.
“The difficulties are only temporary. We should look at the problems from a dynamic and developmental perspective. Fine blanking technology itself is still in the process of development, and industrial adjustment will bring new opportunities as well as challenges
Referring to the development direction of fine blanking technology, Bao Xiangjun said to us, “in my personal experience, the development trend of fine blanking technology and fine blanking production is mainly reflected in the aspects of high speed, integration and intelligence
(1) high speed fine blanking production. We expect to see more than 200 strokes per minute in the next five to 10 years. This requires upgrading and fundamental improvement of equipment, mold, fine blanking materials and other related links.
(2) integration with other processes. Fine blanking process can be coupled with other stamping processes, and other processes, especially multi-step progressive die forming, can also integrate fine blanking to complete the key dimension forming of products.
(3) intelligent production process. The intelligent fine blanking plant uses various modern technologies to realize the automation and flexibility of office, management and production
We have learned that in order to cope with the great changes in the industry, fantour has made some positive adjustments in the whole product and technical services, from the previous fine blanking and cold forming to the high-speed stamping of motor iron core which is specially aimed at the trend of electrification. Starting from 2020, Taicang factory will introduce the group’s motor core stamping process. Two new high-speed stamping production lines will be installed and debugged within this year. After putting into operation, fantour will be more convenient to provide high-precision motor core stamping for local customers.
In addition, fantour China is also actively promoting the intelligent construction of factories. The intelligent project of Tianjin factory has been implemented and is expected to be completed within this year.
Fine blanking industry will get better and better
At the end of the interview, we visited the fine blanking workshop of the company. The materials in the workshop were placed in order and the workers produced in an orderly manner. The workshop is not large, and there are not many workers, but the production of parts is not small. This is the real technology demonstration of faintour.
“A tree that embraces each other is born at the slightest. The nine story platform starts from the soil. ” No enterprise’s success is easy, no industry’s rise is easy. After more than 60 years of unremitting efforts, faintour has been able to make a success of the industry. This year is a very difficult year for most enterprises, with sharp reduction of orders and even suspension of production. However, there will always be enterprises that can overcome difficulties and go upstream. In the final analysis, iron making still needs its own hard work, and strength is the foundation of enterprise survival. The impact of the epidemic situation and industrial adjustment will not make the fine washing industry disappear. It will only get better and better.