Evolution of spring equipment

The spring industry will still be an industry dominated by small enterprises. Some enterprises currently in an advantageous position will still maintain their previous advantages for a period of time. The private enterprises that have completed the original accumulation may be polarized. Some far sighted owners will invest their funds in technological transformation and introduce talents, and gradually adopt modern production and management ideas to manage enterprises Some of the more traditional owners, based on their own experience, adhere to the original management mode, the distinction between the two different modes will become more and more obvious.

Compared with foreign countries, there is still a big gap in the performance, specifications and reliability of spring production and testing equipment, and the price of imported equipment is about 5-10 times of that of domestic similar products. The price leaves a huge development space for domestic equipment manufacturers. If domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises see this and actively develop, it may reverse the current situation The situation of less key equipment relying on import benefits both spring enterprises and equipment manufacturers. The development direction of domestic spring enterprises is to develop towards lightweight and high stress, and some mechanical devices composed of springs are being replaced by hydraulic and pneumatic devices controlled by electronic devices, For example, the active hydraulic damping system may gradually replace the traditional spring damping system. The spring industry should pay full attention to the changes in this respect, improve the comprehensive development ability, so as to adapt to the market demand and changes. In terms of product structure, spring manufacturing enterprises should develop in the direction of specialization and diversification.

A large number of springs in foreign advanced enterprises are produced by specialized production lines, but their production lines have certain flexibility, which can produce similar products with different specifications, so as to improve the utilization rate of equipment.
At the same time, in order to reduce the operational risk, the enterprise develops towards diversification on the basis of specialized production of single product, Since the reform and opening up, China’s spring industry has made great progress. In the past decade, the automobile and motorcycle industry has provided a rare development opportunity for the spring industry. The number of enterprises has increased rapidly, but the spring industry is also facing low starting point and scale Many problems, such as small size, backward technology, fierce price competition between peers and the phenomenon of payment arrears, have made some enterprises difficult to operate, even close down frequently. At the same time, foreign enterprises and joint ventures established in China are competing with domestic enterprises for the market by virtue of their technical and management advantages. Every enterprise in the spring industry is thinking about its development ideas.
We hope that every enterprise will have its own product characteristics, and make greater development in the new century with excellent quality and low cost.