Diesel engine maintenance and maintenance

After a diesel engine is used for a period of time, due to the influence of various factors, the working capacity of the parts will gradually decrease, and the technical state of the whole machine will gradually deteriorate, which will affect the normal use of the diesel engine. For this reason, regular inspection and maintenance are required. Maintenance adopts maintenance technical measures such as cleaning, tightening, adjustment, replacement, and addition to maintain the normal working capacity of the parts and the normal working state of the diesel engine. In addition, the purification of diesel engines is also very important.
1. Fuel net. There are three ways to purify diesel. The first is to let the purchased diesel stand and settle for more than 96 hours, and then add a filter to the funnel and add a layer of silk cloth when refueling. When taking oil from the oil drum, take the filter and wrap it with a layer of silk cloth, and it should be cleaned or replaced regularly.

2. Clean air. When the engine is running, the cylinder draws in air 2 to 4 cubic meters per minute. In order to ensure that the air entering the cylinder is clean, the air filter must be inspected and cleaned regularly.

3. Lubricating oil is net. Always pay attention to the use of clean lubricants that meet the standards of this machine. The filter element of the oil filter should be cleaned regularly. The rotor-type filter pastes a layer of kraft paper of appropriate width and length on the inner wall of the rotor to facilitate the adsorption of dirt under the action of centrifugation. When cleaning the dirt adsorbed on the filter element, it is best to inflate it with an inflator, blow from the inside to the outside, and scrub with a brush. Never wipe it with your hands. Use clean calcium-based grease for butter, and do not inject other lubricants casually.

4. Cooling water is clean. Engine cooling water is best to use soft water, that is, rainwater or treated tap water and clean well water. When cleaning the cooling system, add 1% caustic soda and 0.5% kerosene in proportion to the water volume.