Die technology of ultra limit drawing

Drawing process example
Figure 3 is the simulation diagram of a product of our company (the specific technical parameters are inconvenient to be published), and the specific forming process is as follows.
The first step: product analysis.
The material is SUS304, the material thickness is 1.0 mm, the expanded diameter is calculated, and the sheet size is determined.
(2) the second step: determine the drawing process.
Through the calculation of drawing coefficient, the drawing process is determined, and three processes are needed to complete the drawing forming.
(3) the third step: determine the process size.
The diameter and height of each drawing process are determined by equal volume method.
Figure 3 simulation diagram of a product
Figure 4 stamping process design
(4) step 4: arrange the process diagram.
The complete stamping process (Figure 4) of this product is: blanking → drawing 1 → drawing 2 → drawing 3 → shaping → trimming and punching. The finished products of each process are shown in Figure 5.
(5) step 5: Design of drawing die.
Technological advantages in production and Application
The basic advantage of this die technology is to reduce the drawing process and increase the die life. In addition, people who are engaged in die stamping know that drawing is a common problem in deep drawing production. In order to solve the problem of products and dies, some materials are annealed and softened, some are treated with surface coating, some are even made of tungsten steel core, and some are deep drawing oil with high lubricity. All these increase production costs to varying degrees. This kind of drawing die structure can not only save the drawing process, but also reduce the requirements for die material, production material, lubricating oil, and even the surface polishing of die. Even if it is the worst stainless steel material, it can be produced stably. Reducing the production cost is another technological advantage of this kind of mould.
At present, our company has studied and mastered the structure of the die process and various parameter settings, and has been successfully applied to the actual production of many kinds of deep drawing products. Especially in the production of some deep drawing products, this process highlights its advantages.
The procurement process system should clearly specify the specific process of material procurement, strengthen the planning of procurement work and the timeliness of implementation adjustment. For example, make a purchase plan at the beginning of each month, update in the middle of the month, summarize and adjust at the end of the month. At the same time, it is necessary to establish a regular inventory of materials in the procurement work, timely grasp the purchase and inventory quantity of materials, ensure the production needs, and at the same time, it is conducive to the accuracy of the procurement plan, so as to reduce unnecessary inventory and promote the timely and appropriate procurement of required materials.
Figure 5 stamping process sample
Figure 6 drawing products developed by our company
The great development of industrialization requires us who are engaged in manufacturing industry to constantly explore new production technology. The development and application of some new materials and new technologies provide great support for the production of manufacturing industry. From traditional manual operation to modern robot operation, the manufacturing industry is making breakthroughs and progress every moment. Industry is the foundation of a country, and manufacturing is the foundation of industry. I sincerely hope that China’s manufacturing industry will be refined and strengthened in the hands of our generation. We are looking forward to discussing and exchanging with experts, predecessors and peers, sharing our technology and experience, and improving our manufacturing capacity.