Design of metal stamping die

Design of metal stamping die
Die making is a technical work. Because of the different uses and structures of metal stamping products, the design of dies can not be the same. How to be an excellent designer? Xiaobian has several points to share with you
1、 Recognition. For example, if you look at the world when you are young and you look at the world at 40, there will be a big difference in cognition. Hardware stamping products used in different industries, precision and requirements will also have a gap. Some simple, low precision products, you can design time about some mold costs. And some high-precision products also need to consider the cost, assembly, mass production and other factors in the early stage.
2、 Industry experience. For example, some engineers are good at the design of some precision terminals, but some precision metal stamping parts for structure will also know about the process. However, it may have unimaginable consequences for the actual situation in the later mass production and some wear conditions of the mold.
How to use and maintain the mold to prolong the service life of hardware mold?
3、 Reaction ability. In particular, some of the high requirements of metal stamping products, problems in response to the strategy. If the problem is solved immediately, if it is not handled well, it will be revised or not solved.
Attitude. It seems that there are always some people with positive energy. Love to learn, love to share, think about things, and be responsible for things. Hardware stamping design, is the same reason! I believe this kind of employees can make more breakthroughs.