Design and production steps of compression spring

1. According to the actual product demand, select spring material according to the standard
2. According to the product force value, compression stroke, fatigue and other requirements, determine the internal and external diameter, effective number of turns, and wire diameter range of compression spring
3. Put relevant parameters into design parameter formula
4. It is reasonable and feasible for spring manufacturer to design and produce spring

Necessary information of compression spring:
(1) Control diameter (a) outer diameter, (b) inner diameter, installation guarantee dimension (c) inner diameter of sleeve, (d) outer diameter of round rod
(2) Wire or bar size
(3) Material (type and grade)
(4) Number of turns: (a) total number of turns and (b) right or left rotation
(5) Style of ends
(6) Load at a certain deflection length
(7) Load ratio of one inch to several inches in length
(8) Maximum solid height
(9) Minimum compression height in use