Correct use of die spring

In general, the most common causes of mold spring problems are:
It is often due to incorrect selection and use of springs
Spring accounts for a small proportion of the total cost of the mold. Trying to save on the spring may cause premature failure of the spring, increase maintenance costs, reduce productivity, waste more time and labor costs, and even damage the mold and cause greater losses. Therefore, it is a wise investment to ensure that the best mold spring is used in every application

■ correct use concept:
Make sure the type and quantity of spring before constructing the mold, so that the selection of suitable spring becomes the design
Part of the job is the best choice
Let the spring load in advance. For each spring in the installation mold, it is necessary to pre press 5% in order to avoid the load conduction caused by excessive load
The stress is uneven and the spring life is damaged
Do not cut and grind arbitrarily, grind the inner and outer diameter of spring arbitrarily or reduce the number of turns to match the size of die, which will easily damage the spring and cause early failure

The replacement should be carried out at the same time. When repairing, do not replace only one spring, because the spring with different size and length, old and new spring will cause uneven force
Protect and maintain, protect in high temperature, corrosion and other environment, and replace mold spring according to predetermined time interval
When the spring is installed in the renovated mold, the pilot hole should be deepened in proportion to make the spring stable and produce uniform and uniform stress

When the free length of the spring is more than four times of the average diameter, the spring will deform under compression
In this case, sleeve or rod sleeve or both can be used to reduce the possibility of spring bending deformation
The correct service life is long. Although the mold spring design allows the maximum stress, when the mold spring works under the maximum load, it does not
It should be expected to maintain the maximum working life

■ correct installation method:
In order to obtain the best use efficiency, the spring installation should pay attention to the following two points:
1. When it is installed in a flat bottom hole without a guide rod, the depth of the guide hole must be at least the depth of two coils of spring
2. When installed on the guide rod, the length of the guide rod shall be greater than that of the spring