Copper and environmental protection

With the rapid development of society, new products and technologies are constantly emerging, and human needs continue to grow. How to protect the environment and maintain ecological balance has become an important issue for the sustained, stable and healthy development of society. Copper has been a precious natural resource for mankind since ancient times, and its impact on the environment and ecosystem has attracted increasing attention. According to the long-term experience of human production and life practice and the scientific research results in modern times, especially in recent years, it is fully demonstrated that copper is extremely beneficial to environmental protection and ecological balance. Mainly manifested as:
Supreme metal
Copper is an important nutrient element
Copper is an element that exists in nature and has entered biological organisms through long-term evolution. Copper and organic compounds in the body form biologically active substances, which become various enzymes and proteins. The body’s biological transformation, electron transfer, redox, and tissue respiration are all inseparable from copper. Copper has become an important nutrient for human health and the growth of animals and plants. Preventing copper deficiency is not only an important issue that is increasingly concerned by the world’s medical and nutrition circles, but also an important measure for the prosperity and development of agriculture and animal husbandry.
Copper is an effective bactericide
Using a copper water supply system, sanitary drinking water can be obtained. In hospitals and public places, people often touch door handles, handrails, etc., using copper products can help prevent disease transmission. Some copper compounds are commonly used pesticides against diseases and insect pests in crops.
Copper is an excellent conductive material
Copper is widely used in the power industry due to its excellent electrical conductivity. The generation, transmission and conversion of electricity are closely related to copper. Making full use of copper is conducive to reducing energy consumption and is an important measure of energy saving.
Copper is a recyclable material
Copper products are beautiful and durable; in particular, it is easy to regenerate. Not only is the process simple, energy-saving, and has a high recovery rate, it can be almost completely reused; moreover, there are abundant copper reserves worldwide, which can fully meet the growing needs of society.