Commonly used steel theoretical weight calculation formula

Material name

Theoretical weight (kg/m)


Flat steel, steel plate, strip steel


1. The specific gravity of steel is calculated at 7.85 g/cm3

Fang Gang

W=0.00785×side length 2

Round steel, wire, steel wire

W=0.00617×diameter 2

2.f value: the general model and the one with a is 3.34, the one with b is 2.65, and the one with c is 2.26

Hexagonal steel

W = 0.0068 × distance between opposite sides 2

Octagonal steel

W=0.0065×diagonal distance 2

Steel Pipe

W=0.02466×wall thickness×(outer diameter–wall thickness)

Equilateral Angle Steel

W=0.00785×side thickness×(2 side width-side thickness)

3.e value: the general model and the one with a is 3.26, the one with b is 2.44, and the one with c is 2.24

Unequal angle steel

W = 0.00785 × side thickness × (long side width + short side width-side thickness)


W=0.00785×waist thickness×〔height+f×(waist width-waist thickness)〕

Channel steel

W=0.00785×waist thickness×〔height+e×(leg width-waist width)〕

4. All length units in the table are calculated in millimeters