Common sense of leaf spring

After 1000 km driving, the tightening torque of U-bolt and nut for clamping leaf spring should be checked to keep the tightening torque value when leaving the factory, so as to avoid the central fracture fault of leaf spring.
When the optional leaf spring is one end lug and one end sliding plate structure, when the vehicle is unloaded, do not pass through the convex and concave sections at a higher speed, which can avoid the fracture of the bending end of the plate spring due to impact load.

After driving a certain mileage, the leaf spring ear hole and the ear hole pin should be checked and lubricated in time. If the rolling ear bushing is found to be seriously worn, a new bushing should be replaced in time to avoid the loud noise from the connecting part of the rolling ear and the ear hole pin. At the same time, it can also prevent the distortion of leaf spring caused by the uneven wear of bushing, and avoid the deviation of vehicle during driving.

When the vehicle needs to replace the leaf spring assembly after driving for a period of time, the left and right leaf springs should be replaced at the same time, so as to avoid the possibility of vehicle tilting caused by only replacing one leaf spring and the possibility of vehicle overturning during rapid turning.