Clever use of spring return function

According to the mechanical properties, the spring can be divided into precision spring, tension spring, compression spring, torsion spring, bending spring and spiral spring. The spring deforms under the action of external force, and the spring can recover after the external force is removed. Many tools and equipment are reset by using the property of precision spring. For example, the hinges of many building doors are equipped with reset springs, and the doors will reset automatically after people enter and leave. People also make use of this function to make automatic umbrella, automatic pencil and other supplies, very convenient. In addition, all kinds of buttons and buttons also need a return spring.

To be engaged in the production and manufacturing of various cold coil stretching, compression, torsion spring and special-shaped spring and hardware stamping parts with wire diameter less than 8mm, the main equipment such as CNC 620 CNC spring machine and cnc-8 CNC spring machine are directly imported from Taiwan, with an annual production capacity of more than 2 billion.

The products are widely used in mechanical instruments, automobile and motorcycle accessories, household appliances, office supplies and other fields, heat treatment The equipment adopts rjc-315 numerical control tempering furnace and zx-12-9 oxygen free quenching furnace. The main testing equipment includes 23ta desktop projector, tld50 tension and compression tester, tl-1000 spring tension and compression testing machine, tns-1000 spring torsion testing machine and so on.