Characteristics of die spring

Features of die spring
With the development of die and mold industry, the number and variety of special-shaped section die spring are increasing day by day because of its high rigidity, small volume and long service life. At present, except the square section spring design method is relatively mature, other cross-section spring design methods are mostly based on the specific section, through the test, The so-called empirical design formula derived from the correction coefficient is as follows:
1. The service life of special-shaped steel wire spring is 13-14% longer than that of round section steel wire spring under the same conditions
2. In the same space, the bearing capacity of square cross-section steel wire spring is 43-48% higher than that of round cross-section spring, and the bearing capacity of rectangular spring is more than 50%
3. Special section steel wire spring can produce large deformation and weight
4. The linearity of the spring is better than that of the spring with circular cross-section, that is, the stiffness tends to be constant
5. The range of application is limited by the time when the circular material spring can not reach the required deformation, the design load can not be reached with the circular cross-section material, the spring installation space is small, the replacement of the circular cross-section composite spring, and the place where the spring characteristics are strictly required