Electrical stamping parts processing plant The stamping parts of electrical appliances refer to the hardware used in electrical appliances. Most of the hardware parts of electrical appliance manufacturers are produced by professional stamping factories outside. The production efficiency of electrical stamping is high, and the operation is convenient, and itContinue Reading

Production capacity of stamping parts processing In the hardware stamping plant, someone once calculated the speed of the punch, and used the punch speed to calculate the production capacity of stamping parts processing. The results are quite different from the previous figures. What causes the low production capacity? First ofContinue Reading

What are the uses of metal stamping parts Metal stamping parts refer to steel / non-ferrous metal and other sheet dies, which are formed to the specified shape by the pressure required for processing by the press. What are the hardware stamping parts according to the application fields? The followingContinue Reading

How to maintain the metal stamping die In the metal stamping industry, precision metal stamping die is widely used. For example, mobile phones, medical care, cars, computers, etc., how should we usually maintain them. 1: The precision of the mold is very high. When you use it, you must payContinue Reading

Metal stamping products need innovation In the fierce market competition, the metal stamping industry has suffered a variety of tests brought by the market. The homogenization of products makes the overall depression of the metal stamping Market. In this case, the enterprise must survive in the change, meet the marketContinue Reading

Design of metal stamping die Die making is a technical work. Because of the different uses and structures of metal stamping products, the design of dies can not be the same. How to be an excellent designer? Xiaobian has several points to share with you 1、 Recognition. For example, ifContinue Reading

Grinding details of non standard metal stamping die There are three main types of machine tools used for grinding non-standard metal stamping dies: surface grinder, internal and external cylindrical grinder and tool grinding tool. Grinding deformation and grinding cracks should be strictly controlled during finishing grinding. Even tiny cracks willContinue Reading

How to choose the material of metal stamping parts How to choose the material of metal stamping parts? Most of our processed metal stamping parts include red copper, brass, phosphor bronze, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, carbon steel, nickel, spring steel and other stamping materials. Some alloys with better plasticity areContinue Reading

Analysis on the design of automation system for continuous press line The new energy automobile industry has experienced considerable development in recent years, and new forces in vehicle manufacturing have continued to emerge. The Ideal Automobile Jiangsu ECG project is the company’s first production base and an important benchmark projectContinue Reading