Belleville spring

With the development of the guide form, the disc spring can be used in single piece or in combination. The combination method can be combined, superimposed and overlapped. When using in combination, there must be a guide element. The common guide parts are inner guide and outer guide. With the demand and development of mechanical products, the designer invented hole guide. One kind of hole guide is on the mounting hole, such as the slotted disc spring and diaphragm disc spring on the clutch; the other is to drill holes on the OM line and guide with rod. Foreign designers have also invented the inner and outer diameter groove embedded guide.

Some of these new guiding devices are convenient for the disc spring to work, and some are to reduce the self weight of the mechanical device. Domestic constant force disc spring hanger adopts the guiding method of inserting spring coil into groove. There are many kinds of invention patents in foreign countries, but their applications are rare.

In addition to spring steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel, disc spring has been widely used nickel base alloy, elastic alloy, high-temperature alloy, copper alloy and titanium alloy according to working conditions. Hot working alloy tool steel and high-speed tool steel are also often selected, such as 4Cr5MoSiVl and W6Mo5Cr4V2. The research on bainitic steel has a bright future. A large number of new materials are being selected and developed.

It is not uncommon for non-metallic materials to be used in disc spring. When the double diameter slotted disc spring is combined, rubber and plastic can be used to fill it, thus becoming a precision fixture. Disc springs made of glass fiber, reinforced plastic, resin and carbon fiber have been used in Heping machinery factory ten years ago. Carbon fiber and epoxy resin can make the E value close to steel, which has great development prospect.