Application of laser in 3D object modeling and intelligent recognition

In the modern high-tech industry, components on unmanned production lines (Line for short), such as electronic components, electronic connectors, metal parts and non-metal parts, especially some radioactive or toxic components, usually need to be processed. On-line real-time dynamic recognition or detection, to determine its shape, state, and accuracy. The above functions can be easily realized by using laser and dynamic positioning technology.

The collection method of laser 3D information is to use laser irradiation to scan Line elements, and use more than two cameras with instantaneous dynamic positioning system. According to the characteristics of Line elements, the method of feature recognition mode is used to establish and compile intelligent recognition software, using the principle of fuzzy mathematics Compile data processing and modeling, edit intelligent teaching software, increase the number of cameras and laser scanners according to the complexity of the shape of the Line element, and finally realize the laser dynamic recognition of the shape and state of the Line element.

The principle of instantaneous dynamic positioning of Line components. Set the recognition area on the Line. When the component runs into the recognition area, an instruction is issued instantly. The laser starts to scan and collect the shape information of the component. The basic positioning feature data and size of the component are selected first, and the instant positioning is determined. “Line” or “surface”, the most effective selection method is to use the longest line of the outline of the Line element as the positioning line, and use the maximum area of ​​the outline of the Line element as the positioning surface, which is used as the positioning during the second instantaneous sampling The benchmark provides a precondition for the dynamic online collection and recognition of the three-dimensional shape and state of the component.

The mathematical model of the three-dimensional coordinate of the laser scanning object point effectively solves the problem of obtaining the three-dimensional information of the Line element. The application of the instantaneous dynamic positioning method better realizes the dynamic online collection and identification of Line components. The establishment of the feature recognition mode provides a new way for the visual recognition of the shape and state of Line components. It makes the recognition software easy to implement and become a practical application system.