Application of disc spring in industry

Disc spring is a kind of spring that we usually use. The disc spring is usually used for deformation, buffering and other functions, or depending on the elastic force to maintain the components in a certain position, such as the reset of mechanism components. The common materials of disc spring are carbon spring steel, alloy spring steel, stainless steel, etc. some special materials such as superalloy will be used. There will be different standards in different countries. The disc spring materials specified in GB / T 1972-2005 are 60Si2MnA and 50CrVA. 60Si2MnA has high silicon content, good strength and elastic limit, good tempering stability, but low hardenability, easy decarburization and graphitization.

There are many kinds of stainless steel materials for disc spring, which are often used in places with high requirements for corrosion resistance. Some stainless steels have good high-temperature mechanical properties and can work at higher temperatures.

In addition, there are some other mechanisms, such as the clamping fixture mechanism of wx001 centralized transmission device and the worm gear over torque mechanism. 60Si2MnA has a wide range of applications, mainly used for shock absorption leaf spring, spiral spring, cylinder safety valve spring, check valve spring of automobile and tractor, and also used to make important spring and anti-wear spring which work under alternating load and high stress. Compared with 60Si2MnA, 50CrVA has higher strength, yield ratio, toughness and higher fatigue strength. Compared with 60Si2MnA, 50CrVA has better hardenability, lower overheat sensitivity and low decarburization tendency. It is commonly used for making all kinds of spring bearing high stress, especially suitable for spring with high stress amplitude and strict fatigue performance requirements, and temperature below 250 ° C Valve spring, injector spring, etc.

The star disc spring is a kind of fastening spring. Its main function is to fasten the shaft and gear together to form a rigid connecting body, which can transmit torque and bear axial force, which is of great value in engineering technology. In the case of key connection, there are many cases where the shaft is slender and has poor rigidity, and the allowable torque is small. After the keyway is opened, the rigidity and the ability to bear the torque are weakened. The gear connected with the shaft often forms a weak link between the keyway and the tooth groove. In this case, the effect of using the star disc spring is much better.