Application field of rubber spring

Rubber spring is a kind of high polymer elastic spring. It has the advantages of long service life, low cost, good cold resistance, good air tightness and so on. In addition, rubber spring also has water-proof and electrical insulation, which is the best choice of vibration damping products in various industrial fields.

With the rapid development of industry in modern society, the number of large-scale industrial machinery is also increasing. Rubber spring is commonly used in mechanical equipment, vehicle travel mechanism and suspension, which can reduce vibration and cushion. For example, industrial machinery such as vibration machinery, double deck passenger car and heavy truck will be used in rubber spring.

Rubber spring has obvious vibration reduction effect in mechanical industry. Because rubber spring can withstand shear deformation and compression deformation, the internal friction damping of rubber spring is much larger than that of metal spring. Therefore, the amplitude of rubber spring vibrating screen machine is much smaller than that of other spring vibrating screen machines when it starts and stops and passes through resonance area The amplitude is stable, but the energy consumption is larger than that of metal spring. The resistance of rubber spring to transmit sound is much greater than that of metal spring, so the sound insulation is better and the noise during working hours is small.

Rubber spring can be made into a variety of different shapes and sizes of products. The structure of rubber spring is very compact, which can effectively use space. Its elastic coefficient is much smaller than that of metal, and it changes in a large range with the change of hardness. Therefore, changing the hardness of rubber can make the spring obtain different stiffness, that is, the stiffness of rubber spring with the same shape can also be selected in a certain range.