Anti corrosion spring

Anti corrosion spring products are widely used in: probes, motorcycles, computers, automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances, toys, computers, lighting, digital cameras, home appliances and other industries.
Chemical corrosion of spring is small and slow, while electrochemical corrosion is main and common. But generally speaking, chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion exist at the same time.
If the spring is in contact with electrolyte solution, the corrosion caused by the action of micro cell is called electrochemical corrosion. For example, the spring is in contact with acid or salt solution, which is electrolyte. The electrode with different potential difference is formed due to defects or impurities on the surface of spring, so that the spring is continuously subjected to electrolytic corrosion; Another example is that the spring is in a humid atmosphere, because the water vapor in the atmosphere condenses into water film or water droplets on the spring surface, and the corrosive gases in the atmosphere (such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in industrial waste gas or salt fog in the marine atmosphere) dissolve in the water film or water droplets to form electrolyte.