Alligator clip spring

The alligator clip was invented by the scientific research on crocodile in nature. At first, scientists made a model of the crocodile’s head and tested its biting force; later, they wanted to bite the wax with the kind of force used in Humans can produce movable and fixed supplies in daily life, and finally produce alligator clips.

In the research process of the alligator clip, a large number of fixed devices have been used; in the end, it was decided to use a torsion spring in order to allow universal use and cost issues.

*Alligator clip torsion spring has two major characteristics

One, strength:

(1) Angle

Alligator clip springs are generally between 120° and 135°, and the installation angle is generally 45°. Let the spring itself store energy and stabilize it with the force during use.

(2) Outer diameter

The alligator clip has enough space for the spring to expand and contract. While making the outer diameter of the spring small, it will not affect the life of the spring; the smaller the outer diameter of the spring, the greater the strength of the spring.

2. Small space used:

The alligator clip is installed with a torsion spring, which does not take up surface space at all; only a drop point of the clip head is enough.