Advantages of leaf spring

The suspension spring plays a role in the suspension system of the car, which is responsible for bearing the weight and load of the vehicle, absorbing and eliminating the vibration caused by the fluctuation of the road surface, so as to increase the comfort of the vehicle when driving
There are many different types of springs in automobiles according to the different suspension devices. Most of the modern vehicles are leaf springs. The sheet spring is composed of 4 to 15 pieces of elastic long cylinders with a thickness of 6-12 mm, which are overlapped and fixed by steel plate clamps, so that the spring sheets are not easy to break when bending. The spring is installed on the frame by the lifting lug at the two ends, Depending on the elasticity of the plates and the friction between the plates, the damping effect is achieved
The advantages of leaf spring: simple structure and low cost. However, the sheet suspension spring is easy to shake the body, and it is poor in handling and comfort. Therefore, it is mostly used in the rear suspension of medium and large trucks