Adjustment method of universal material testing machine

Universal material testing machines are widely used in testing instruments for tensile, compression, bending, and shearing tests of metallic materials, non-metallic materials, and mechanical parts. For material manufacturers, it is necessary to purchase a universal material testing machine. After the equipment is purchased, the universal material testing machine needs to be adjusted. The universal material testing machine is also called the universal tensile testing machine or the electronic universal tensile testing machine. So how to debug the universal material testing machine? The debugging method of the universal material testing machine will be introduced by Xuefu Electromechanical Equipment.
Adjustment method of universal material testing machine:
Unscrew the MS plug on the oil pump and turn off the oil pump motor. Exhaust the air in the pump (flow out with a small amount of oil) and then turn the plug back to the plug: start the oil pump and repeatedly lift the piston to drain the air in the oil cylinder and oil pipe.
As long as the moving beam does not touch when it is raised and lowered, pull the cold-formed support to both sides at equal distances.
Lift and move the beam so that the upper and lower pressing plates are about 20mm apart, and a spherical lower pressing plate is installed on the table.
Close the oil return valve and open the oil delivery valve to raise the platen and start the oil pump. Increase the pressure slowly:
Check the oil pipe joints for oil leakage
Tighten the oil joint after releasing the force, if there is oil leakage.