About spring shoes

The appearance of spring shoes is very similar to that of dry skates, except that the bottom of the shoes is equipped with elliptical springs instead of pulleys. When you first put on the shoes, you need to bounce in place several times to get used to the “rebound” feeling, and then you can use them on the beach, roadside and even on the snow to enjoy the novel “weightlessness” rebound movement.

Spring shoes can play a good bounce effect, but people have different opinions on him
It is reported that the spring shoes were originally developed to help those injured in sports recover. Manufacturers claim that the shoes can cushion up to 80% of the bounce impact, protect joints from injury, and also have the function of weight loss and shape building. At present, the manufacturing process of this kind of rebound shoes is still a secret. Kangoo jumps only disclosed that the shell of the rebound shoe is made of polyurethane compound, the black arc spring bracket on the sole is made of a material called “space plastic”, and the orange tension spring between the two spring supports can adjust the elasticity according to the user’s weight.