60Si2Mn spring steel plate enterprise

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology indicated that the important method is to eliminate outdated production capacity. In 2012, it will further eliminate outdated production capacity, study and affirm and implement the annual mission and obligations. 60Si2Mn spring steel plate organizes a review and inspection, and perfectly defines the environmental protection and energy consumption norms of outdated production capacity. The large-scale suppression, volume reduction or equivalent replacement mechanism promotes the use of market means to eliminate outdated production capacity, and synthetically implements the obligation to eliminate outdated production capacity during the 12th Five-Year Plan.
“While eliminating outdated production capacity, the state should strengthen the evaluation and review of industrial investment and energy conservation, strictly control the’two highs’ and the conscious expansion of industries with excess production capacity, and add power to waste from the source.” The aforementioned officials of the Central Economic and Information Commission analyzed this newspaper. , “I hope that the energy-saving evaluation and review system will only be perfect and play a restraining role like an environmental assessment.”

Miao Wei pointed out that in 2012, we will also strengthen the innovation of energy saving and consumption reduction techniques, organize the implementation of 9 key energy conservation projects, 10 comprehensive application projects, and 7 clean consumption projects that are affirmed in the plan, and enhance the individual crux of energy conservation and emission reduction skills and equipment development and demonstration. And promotion.

In addition to the above-mentioned projects, the upcoming energy-saving and low-carbon activities of thousands of enterprises will also help the industrial energy-saving purpose of centrifugal ductile iron pipes. An expert close to the National Development and Reform Commission leaked to this report, “This behavior is currently under design and is expected to be officially launched next year.”

In practice, the contribution rate to industrial energy conservation during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period is negative. Previously, Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Su Bo, once said underground that during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the energy consumption of 60Si2Mn spring steel plate industry accounted for the proportion of the overall energy consumption of the whole society, from about 70.9% in 2005 to about 73% in 2010; The proportion of energy consumption in large and high energy-consuming industries in the overall industrial energy consumption has risen from about 71% in 2005 to about 77%. “These two rises will put a lot of pressure on industrial energy conservation in the 12th Five-Year Plan.” .

Su Bo indicated that in the future, the country will further improve the entry barriers for energy consumption, environmental protection, and comprehensive utilization of resources in heavy and chemical industries, strictly implement the energy-saving evaluation and review system for industrial investment projects, and strengthen the establishment of name target governance for industries with excess capacity; strict control The newly added talents in industries with excess capacity such as iron and steel, cement, and plate glass have curbed the conscious development of high-energy-consuming and high-purification industries such as traditional coal chemical industries.