4j52 alloy steel

In 4j52 alloy steel, the combined gold is stable austenite structure. The alloy is easy to be cold and hot worked. Hot working temperature should not be too high, heating time should not be too long, should avoid heating in sulfur-containing atmosphere.

Fe Ni fixed expansion alloys are a series of fixed expansion alloys which can match soft glass and ceramics with different expansion coefficients in a given temperature range by adjusting the nickel content. The expansion coefficient and Curie point increase with the increase of nickel content. These alloys are widely used as sealing structural materials in electric vacuum industry.

Organizational structure of 4j52:
1. 4j52 phase transition temperature
2. Time temperature microstructure transition curve of 4j52
3. Microstructure of 4j52 alloy: the combined gold is stable austenite structure.
4. Grain size of 4j52: the grain size of alloy deep drawing belt shall not be less than Grade 7, and the grain size less than Grade 7 shall not exceed 10% of the area. When the average grain size of the strip with thickness less than 0.13MM is estimated, the number of grains along the thickness direction of the strip shall not be less than 8.